About Us

Hyderabad Food Products Pvt. Ltd. [HFPPL] was incorporated in 1984 in Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, India. The state of Andhra Pradesh is a major contributor for agricultural produce, such as Chilli, Turmeric, Coriander, Ginger, Mustard, Tamarind, Tomatoes, Mangoes and a host of other agricultural produce. It boosts to have a well trained/educated farmer to produce, clean, hygienic, fresh and a wholesome crop.
The company produces large segment of ethnic food such as Spice Powder, Blended Masalas, Indian Pickles, Cooking Pastes, Namkeens (Indian Snacks) and Indian Sweets. It manufactures and markets its products, under the brand name ‘SURYA’. The brand is popular, among consumers for its consistent quality.

India is the second largest country in the world in population and 7th largest in the area. It is a country of many races, cultural groups, and languages. The food habits of the vast Indian population varies, depending upon climatic conditions and farm produce of the region. Varieties of cuisines are available in each region. It is a pleasure for a gourmet lover to try a vast variety of these delicacies. 

As India is rising economically, Indian food is getting popular all over the world. The emergence of a large section of the middle-class Indian population has created a demand for readymade ethnic food. 

The company produces a large segment of ethnic food such as Spice Powders, Blended Masalas, Indian Pickles, Cooking Pastes, Namkeens (Indian Snacks) and Indian Sweets. It manufactures and markets its products under the brand name ‘SURYA’. The brand is popular among consumers for its consistent quality and competitive price. The company has multi-locational plants, each dedicated to different segments of products and employs about 400 dedicated staff. The company has a well-equipped laboratory and certified for ISO (9001-2000) and HACCP ensuring a quality product. 

The company has a capacity to produce 7000 tons Spice Powders, 2000 tons of Blended Masalas, 1500 tons of Pickle and Cooking Pastes and around 6000 tons of Namkeens (Indian Snacks) and Sweets per annum. The company enjoys a high level of consumer satisfaction…