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₹26.00 - ₹2,600.00
50 Grams
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* SURYA Chilli / Mirchi powder is prepared from selected high grade varieties of       Chilli.
* The unique mechanical process of cleaning, grading & packing hygeinically ensures unmatched quality & farm fresh flavour.
* Chilli is sourced from farms of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka.
* No Color or Preservatives addedd.
* The chilli powder is always consistent in color & pungency in every packet from natural sources.
* SURYA also provides Whole Red chilli & Red Chilli Powder in bulk
* Free delivery on orders above Rs.999.
* Get delivery within 4-6 days max.
* Easy and 100% replacement available.
* Additional benefits for online payment.
* Check COD Availabilitypage.

Red Chilli Powder: Fiery Blend for Exquisite Indian Cuisine

Surya Red Chilli Powder(mirapa podi) is a special blend of high-quality, sun-dried chillies. It is made from a selection of vibrant red chillies.

This powder adds a fiery flavour to dishes, bringing a tantalising heat. It will awaken your taste buds. Each batch undergoes a meticulous process, ensuring the perfect balance of spiciness and flavour to elevate your culinary creations.

The Surya Red Chilli Powder has a rich, vibrant red colour. It serves as a visual delight, making your dishes more appealing. This enhances the appearance of your dishes, making them truly appetising.

Surya Red Chilli Powder is the ideal choice for bringing out the true essence of Indian cuisine. It can be used to make a sizzling curry, a zesty marinade, or a delectable chutney.

One of the distinctive features of Surya Red Chilli Powder is its impeccable freshness. Each chilli is ground to a fine texture.

This preserves the natural oils and aroma. This ensures that every spoonful bursts with intense flavours. Experience the irresistible aroma and remarkable taste that sets Surya Red Chilli Powder apart from the rest.

At Surya Masale, we prioritize the well-being of our customers. Our Red Chilli Powder is processed with strict attention to quality standards. This ensures a product free from additives, artificial colours, and preservatives.

Order your pack today at an exciting price. Embark on a journey of culinary delight. Enjoy the signature taste that only Surya Masale can offer. 

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