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Buy Surya Culinary Paste

When we mention culinary paste in an Indian set-up, we instantly visualise ginger garlic paste. Surya Masale’s ginger-garlic paste is made with the right proportion of ginger and garlic, imparting the perfect essence to any vegetarian and non-vegetarian dish. Other than ginger-garlic paste, there are several other pastes and purees used in cooking that enhances the flavour, texture, and colour of your dishes, for example, tamarind paste, the perfect flavour to add to your sambar, rasam, or tamarind yellow dal. At the same time, using a cooking paste on food makes the cooking process faster and more convenient. 

Surya Masale, a renowned brand since 1984 is a household name in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and is known for its superior quality spices. The authenticity and exclusiveness of the brand lie in the fact that its spices have no added preservatives and no added colours. Other than spices, the company is known for manufacturing authentic and premium quality pickles and culinary pastes that you must try out.

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