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10 Reasons Why You Should Include Cloves in Your Diet

10 Reasons Why You Should Include Cloves in Your Diet

Posted by Suryamasale on 29th Mar 2024

The name of the spice clove(Laung) comes from the French term clou meaning nail. This simple yet captivating spice evokes images of strength and resilience.

But what makes aromatic cloves amid spices special?

Apart from their unique name, these small wonders pack a punch of flavour and myriad health benefits. So, the next time you savour the aromatic essence of cloves, remember their etymology and let their remarkable qualities enhance your culinary delights and well-being.

Unleash the power of whole clove flower buds that deliver pungent and spicy flavour, often surprising us when we inadvertently crunch into them while savouring our meals. The minor discomfort they occasionally bring is a small price to pay for the remarkable benefits they offer.

In this blog, we have discussed the 10 reasons why you should incorporate cloves in your diet.

Cloves: Unravelling the Scientific Essence

This sought-after spice is derived from the Syzygium aromaticum tree and packed with essential nutrients like vitamins C and K, fibre, and manganese. Embracing cloves can enhance immunity, elevate brain function, reduce inflammation, and manage diabetes.

Know the wonders of a unique spice called clou or cloves. These rich, brown flower-like clove buds boast a distinctive spicy taste and a tantalisingly pungent aroma to flavour any culinary creation.

But what about the benefits they offer?

Cloves have a link to promoting liver and bone health, easing inflammation, and aiding digestion—a powerhouse of wellness in a tiny package.

Who can savour the benefits of cloves?

Nearly anyone can indulge in their flavoursome goodness, except individuals on diabetes or blood thinning medications.

Moderation is key. Consuming 1-3 cloves daily with lukewarm water is recommended. However, exercise caution, as excessive intake may lead to skin irritation and significantly lower blood sugar levels.

Know about the Benefits of Cloves

The potential of cloves and aromatic allure has health-enhancing properties in your daily routine. Explore the wonders of cloves and savour their extraordinary flavours while reaping their incredible health benefits.

  1. Anti-Inflammatory: Experience the remarkable anti-inflammatory properties of cloves firsthand. Research has unveiled the potent effects of eugenol, a key component found in cloves, renowned for its ability to combat inflammation. Clove essential oil, a popular form of this spice, harnesses these benefits effectively. Not limited to internal use, cloves also prove their worth in oral health by tackling inflammation in the mouth and throat.

    A study showcased the potential of clove oil in reducing inflammation caused by plaque and gingivitis. Animal studies revealed that eugenol in cloves could even assist in managing inflammation associated with arthritis in humans. Discover the natural power of cloves and their remarkable impact on inflammation. You can now buy premium quality cloves from Surya Masale to reap the benefits of anti-inflammatory properties.
  2. Eliminate Risks of Cancer: Cloves have high potential in the fight against cancer. The groundbreaking research reveals their ability to impede tumour growth and induce cancer cell death. The credit goes to eugenol, a prominent compound in cloves that exhibits anti-cancer properties but also lowers the risk of esophageal cancer.

    In addition to their anti-cancer effects, cloves boast an impressive antioxidant profile. These antioxidants combat inflammation and provide a shield against cancer. Remarkably, clove extract demonstrated its potency against breast cancer cells, showcasing its potential as a lethal force in another study. Harness the power of the spicy herbal flavour of cloves, a natural ally in the battle against cancer, while benefiting from their rich antioxidant content.
  3. Boost Oral Health: Clove, known for its eugenol content, holds promising benefits in alleviating tooth pain. This natural compound acts as an anaesthetic but also possesses antibacterial properties, making it a valuable aid in managing dental discomfort.

    An effective remedy for toothaches involves placing whole cloves in your mouth, allowing them to moisten with your saliva. You gently crush the cloves with your teeth, and the released oil works to combat the pain. After 30 minutes, discard the clove and repeat the process with a fresh one. In cases of severe toothache or difficulty grinding the cloves, crushed cloves come to the rescue.

    Researchers from Iran have conducted a study affirming the analgesic effects of clove, making it a potential solution for toothache relief. Furthermore, cloves also demonstrate the ability to combat unpleasant breath, offering an additional oral health benefit.
  4. Regulates Blood Sugar (Diabetes): During a recent study, participants who volunteered their time reported the consumption of clove extracts reduced glucose levels before and after meals. Additionally, an animal-based investigation demonstrated the potential of cloves to regulate blood sugar spikes in diabetic mice.

    Within cloves, a compound known as nigericin enhances insulin secretion and supports the overall health of insulin-producing cells. Incorporating cloves into a well-balanced diet may contribute to maintaining stable blood sugar levels. Discover the natural benefits of cloves and their positive impact on glucose regulation.
  5. Good for Liver: Experience the incredible benefits of fresh cloves on liver health, thanks to the presence of eugenol—an exceptional compound with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Scientific research highlights the role of cloves in inhibiting hepatic cell proliferation, attributed to the compounds ascorbic acid and beta-sitosterol.

    Furthermore, the eugenol-rich fraction (ERF) within cloves effectively reduces oxidative stress and protects against liver cirrhosis. Unlock the potential of cloves to enhance your liver's well-being and promote a healthier, happier you. Discover the natural power of eugenol and its impact on liver health.
  6. Aid in Bone Strengthening: Discover the incredible potential of hydroalcoholic extract derived from dried cloves, abundant in valuable polyphenols such as eugenols and eugenol extractives, which boost optimal bone density.

    Animal studies have shed light on the positive effects of cloves due to their manganese content. This essential mineral has enhanced bone mineral density and supports a healthy metabolic process. Unleash the power of cloves and their ability to fortify your bones naturally. Experience the benefits of manganese-rich cloves for strong and healthy bones. Top-rated clove spice is unadulterated, good quality, rich in flavours, and organic.
  7. Improves Digestive System: Explore the potential of cloves in combating stomach ulcers with their unique compounds. These compounds play a role in reducing the occurrence of peptic ulcers by enhancing the thickness of gastric mucus, which acts as a protective barrier for the stomach lining.

    Additionally, cloves contain a certain amount of fibre, which supports healthy digestion and prevents constipation. The exact impact of clove fibre on digestive health is under investigation. Its potential to promote regularity and overall gastrointestinal well-being is worth exploring. Unlock the natural benefits of cloves for a healthier stomach and digestive system.
  8. Helps in Weight Management: Uncover the weight management potential of cloves, as they harbour natural inhibitors of fatty acid synthesis. Animal studies have demonstrated the ability of alcohol extracts of cloves (AEC) to reduce lipid accumulation in the liver. It also decreases both abdominal adipose tissue weight and overall body weight.

    While these findings are promising, further research is necessary to fully comprehend the impact of AEC on human body weight reduction. Dive into the evolving scientific exploration surrounding AEC and its potential role in supporting healthy weight management. Experience the natural benefits of cloves in your weight management journey. Order whole cloves online and get rid of the bulging belly.
  9. Good for the Respiratory System: Discover the remarkable properties of clove oil, which make it a valuable aid in treating asthma. This natural oil is a soothing agent for the respiratory tract and possesses potent anti-inflammatory effects. Additionally, research has shown that supplementing with clove oil can inhibit the formation of bacterial colonies in the lungs.

    For respiratory relief, gently massage the oil onto your chest and sinuses. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this practice may help open the breathing passages, providing comfort. Another option is to add a few drops of clove oil or steep a few cloves in warm water to create a soothing tea. Alternatively, chewing on a clove bud alleviates a sore throat. Experience the natural wonders of clove oil in managing asthma symptoms and promoting respiratory well-being.
  10. Treats Headache: Experience the therapeutic benefits of clove oil in alleviating headaches through aromatherapy. Cloves consist of eugenol, a powerful compound believed to contribute to its analgesic properties, providing pain relief. For a natural remedy, crush a few cloves and place them in a clean handkerchief, inhaling the fragrance whenever a headache arises. Alternatively, blend two drops of clove oil with a tablespoon of coconut oil and gently massage the mixture onto your forehead and temples.

    Note: These methods support anecdotal evidence. If you have any concerns or uncertainties about using clove for headache relief, it is advisable to consult with your healthcare provider.


The above ten (10) benefits of cloves highlight their contribution to good health. While existing research showcases the advantageous properties of cloves, further studies are necessary to comprehend their specific functions and mechanisms.

However, incorporating cloves into your regular diet is highly recommended due to their potential health-enhancing properties. Embrace the natural goodness of cloves as a valuable addition to your daily nutritional routine.

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