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4 Global Soan Papdi Variety as Historic Response to Memers this Diwali

4 Global Soan Papdi Variety as Historic Response to Memers this Diwali

Posted by Suryamasale on 29th Mar 2024

During Diwali, Soan Papdi memes and jokes flood the internet just like the glow of diyas. Whether you advocate for its ban or adore its melt-in-the-mouth sweetness, the culinary connections it shares with distant lands are fascinating. Soan Papdi transcends boundaries, sparking debates and affection, making it an integral part of the festive season.

These memes playfully depict the struggles of handling the delicate dessert, which often crumbles into a mess. They have become a cultural phenomenon, resonating with anyone who has ever experienced the challenge of enjoying Soan Papdi without making a mess. These lighthearted memes continue to spread laughter and connect people across the web.

Laugh out Loud with Soan Papdi Memes:

  • A person trying to eat premium Soan Papdi with a fork
    Caption: “Me trying to handle life's problems like... #SoanPapdiChallenge”
  • A perfectly intact Soan Papdi box
    Caption: “Me before opening the box: I got this!
    After opening the box: What sweet sorcery is this?!”
  • A Soan Papdi crushed into pieces.
    Caption: “Expectation vs Reality: Diwali Edition”
  • A Soan Papdi with a superhero cape
    Caption: “The hero we need but can't handle. #SoanMan”
  • A Soan Papdi with a Caption, “Handle with Care.”
    Caption: “Handle me like you handle Soan Papdi: with caution and a lot of love.”
  • A person looking frustrated with Soan Papdi's crumbs everywhere
    Caption: “Trying to keep my life together like... #SoanPapdiProblems”
  • A Soan Papdi with a magnifying glass
    Caption: “Looking for the solid part of Soan Papdi like... #DiwaliMysteries”

These memes capture the common experiences and challenges people face when dealing with Soan Papdi, adding humour to the situation and creating relatable and amusing content for social media users.

This Diwali, ‘Soan Papdi’ is all set to give a response to all memers. Soan Papdi takes a leaf from history about the popularity of the ‘Soan Papdi variety’.

Soan Papdi, known by various names like sohan papdi, sanpapri, and shom papri in India, shares a culinary lineage with patisa and sutarfeni. Some even connect it to the famed Mysore Pak. Beyond Indian borders, diverse versions of Soan Papdi echo its journey through time and geography, highlighting its status as a globally cherished treat, transcending cultural boundaries.

Different Types of Flavored Soan Papdi Globally:

  1. Dragons Beard Candy - China’s Version of Soan Papdi:

    In ancient China's Han Dynasty, a creative cook crafted a delicate, floss-like candy resembling a dragon's beard with sugar, maltose, and rice flour. Its preparation was an intricate performance art aiming to charm the emperor. This Dragon's Beard candy, encasing nuts and fruits, was prized for its unique texture. However, its complexity confined it to royalty. During the Communist revolution, it became a symbol of the Han court and was banned. Despite this, the candy journeyed to foreign lands, adapting to local tastes. While the art of its creation dwindled, Dragon's Beard candy persevered, blending cultures and flavours, evolving into various delightful incarnations around the globe.
  2. Kkultarae - South Korea’s Version of Soan Papdi Ingredients:

    In South Korea, the delicate Dragon's Beard Candy or soan papdi variety is known as “kkultarae,” which translates to honey skein. Crafted from maltose and honey and coated with corn flour strands, it encases candied nuts, fruits, and even chocolate. Despite its alternative name, Korean Court Cake, hinting at royalty, its history is relatively recent, with experts suggesting its origins trace back only half a century. This sweet treat marries tradition with innovation, representing Korea's culinary creativity and adaptation of global flavours.
  3. Pashmak - Persia’s or Iran’s Version of Rose Soad Papdi:

    In Persian, "pashmak" translates to wool, although this sweet's texture is far from it. Often likened to "skeins of unfinished silk thread," it is adorned with pistachios, rosewater, cardamom, sesame paste, or saffron. Originating in Yazd, it's known as Iranian cotton candy or Persian fairy floss. Pashmak graces dessert tables solo or with ice cream and is a shirini (sweet) shop favourite. The Persian origin of "sohan" sheds light on its possible connection with sohan/Soan papdi, showcasing the rich tapestry of global confectionery, each thread woven with unique flavours and histories.
  4. Pişmaniye - Turkey’s Version of Unique Soan Papdi Ingredients:

    During the 11th-13th centuries, Pashmak made its way into Turkey, where it underwent a transformation and emerged as pişmaniye or keten helva, literally translating to "linen sweet." In ancient recipes dating back to the 1400s, historians find intriguing substitutes like "clarified tail fat from a fat-tailed sheep" and honey, replacing butter and sugar.

    Local legend weaves a romantic tale around pişmaniye, claiming it was named "şismaniye" ("my fat lady") after a successful courtship but later changed to "pişmaniye" (regret) when the romance soured. Similar confections, such as Egypt’s halawa shaar and the Bosnian floss candy ćetenija, echo the essence of pashmak, pişmaniye, showcasing a delightful cultural tapestry of sweet delights.

The four global-flavoured soan papdi remind us of the rich history of this linen sweet. Its popularity goes beyond borders and enjoys fanfare in different cultures. These soan papdi varieties are an epic response from the timeless sweets for all memers.


Soan Papdi stands at the crossroads of tradition and modern humour, with memes playfully capturing its delicate nature and the struggles of enjoying this sweet delight. These online jokes have transformed an everyday treat into a global internet sensation, connecting people through shared laughter. Furthermore, the variety of Soan Papdi, from its classic form to innovative flavours and adaptations like choco chip soan papdi and fruit-infused versions like coconut soan papdi, showcases its versatility and enduring appeal. In essence, Soan Papdi's cultural significance, coupled with its online presence, continues to bridge generations and cultures, making it not just a sweet indulgence but a delightful symbol of shared moments, global mingling and cheerful celebrations.

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