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6 Advantages of Drinking Ajwain Seeds Water or Ajwain Tea

6 Advantages of Drinking Ajwain Seeds Water or Ajwain Tea

Posted by Suryamasale on 29th Mar 2024

Ajwain, a familiar spice in everyday Indian cuisine, takes on a new role in the form of Ajwain water. This beverage enhances digestion and assists in weight loss, making it a valuable addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Ajwain, a spice ubiquitous in Indian households, is more than a culinary delight. It is also called carrom seeds. Due to its remarkable versatility, it finds its way into various dishes like herbal teas, parathas, and pakodas. Beyond the kitchen, premium quality ajwain seeds are essential in Ayurvedic massages. Cultivated extensively, especially in Rajasthan, this plant fruit is dried and used in its seed form, enriching Indian cuisine and traditional practices.

Ajwain offers many health benefits, making it a valuable addition to daily routines. Rich in essential oil thymol, it supports overall well-being. The best Ajwain seeds brand has minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and fibre. The Ajwain water aids digestion and assists in weight loss. Many individuals incorporate it into their morning rituals, swearing by its effectiveness. Curious about Ajwain Water's benefits? Let's explore the wonders it holds for your health!

  1. Ajwain Seeds for Digestion:

    For those grappling with digestion problems, incorporating Ajwain water into your morning routine can work wonders. Its natural properties help manage gas, prevent chronic digestive issues and even aid in the cure of gastric ulcers, all thanks to its rich antioxidant content. Embrace the healing power of Ajwain water for a healthier, happier digestive system.

  2. Ajwain Seeds for Weight Loss:

    Ajwain water is a potent solution for weight loss challenges. With the ability to lower cholesterol and enhance metabolism, it activates the body, thanks to niacin and thymol content. Packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre, and antioxidants, it not only aids weight loss but also detoxifies the body effectively. Embrace Ajwain water as a natural and wholesome way to shed those extra pounds and revitalise your overall well-being.

  3. Ajwain Seeds for Bloating and Indigestion:

    Ajwain water is a magical remedy, particularly for adults and pregnant women struggling with constipation and bloating. Enriched with thymol, it strengthens the uterine walls and eradicates all discomforts. Its natural properties make Ajwain water a gentle yet effective solution, offering comfort and promoting digestive health.

  4. Ajwain Seeds for Respiratory Health:

    Ajwain emerges as a reliable solution for cold and cough issues. Ajwain water is a preventive measure, reducing coughing, clearing nasal blockages and treating upper respiratory tract issues. Its properties facilitate easy mucus discharge and muscle relaxation, offering much-needed relief during cold and cough episodes. Embracing ajwain and its healing power can ease discomfort and aid in a quicker recovery from these ailments.

  5. Ajwain Seeds for Eliminating High Cholesterol:

    Ajwain water contains antioxidants that effectively lower high cholesterol levels. Its properties extend to preventing the risk of heart disease and promoting overall heart health. By incorporating Ajwain water into your routine, you can safeguard cardiovascular well-being, making it a simple yet impactful addition to your daily habits.

  6. Ajwain Seeds for Eliminating Period Cramps:

    Ajwain water has anti-inflammatory properties which help in promoting the regular period cycle. Besides, ajwain water can also help eliminate period cramps and provide a stress-free and pain-free period experience.

Therefore, having ajwain water is a good morning ritual for people between 15 to 65 years old. If you are bored with ajwain water but want to enjoy the benefits of ajwain seeds, you can try ajwain seeds tea recipe.

Quick Tips to Prepare Ajwain Tea:

  • Due to its bitterness, have Ajwain in moderation for a pleasant experience.
  • To prepare Ajwain detox tea, soak 1/2 tablespoon of Ajwain in a glass of water for 3-4 hours or overnight.
  • Boil the soaked ajwain in water for 5 minutes on low heat or steep it overnight. Strain and savour this warm detox tea for improved digestion.

Enjoy it daily, either in the morning or after meals, for optimal detoxification benefits.


Ajwain seeds water stands as a powerhouse of health benefits. Its rich content of essential oils, vitamins, and antioxidants makes it a valuable addition to daily routines. Ajwain water or tea aids digestion, promotes weight loss, alleviates cold symptoms and reduces cholesterol. Ajwain seeds are good for health, and their medicinal properties are vast. Incorporating Ajwain tea into your routine is easy. Soak ajwain seeds, boil, strain, and enjoy this warm, flavorful beverage. Whether consumed as a digestive aid or a detoxifying elixir, Ajwain seeds water and Ajwain tea are tasty and offer a natural path to improved health and well-being.

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