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Celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi with the Tales of Besan Ladoo to Coconut Ladoo

Celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi with the Tales of Besan Ladoo to Coconut Ladoo

Posted by Suryamasale on 29th Mar 2024

Ganesha Chaturthi festival witnesses devotees welcoming Ganesha idols into their homes for worship, accompanied by feasting, family and friends get-together, and later, immersion of the Ganesha idols. This year, the auspicious occasion falls on September 19th.

This festivity commemorates the birth of Lord Ganesha. In Hinduism, Lord Ganesha is the deity of wisdom and prosperity. Temples orchestrate special puja or prayers in honour of Ganesha, sharing his favourite Indian sweets, modaks and ladoos as a part of the celebration. With anticipation building in Indian states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Odisha, Goa, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, and Uttar Pradesh, the devoutness for Ganesha Chaturthi intensifies for ten days celebrations.

Indulge in the essence of Indian festivities with the timeless delight of ladoos. These delectable sweet treats hold a special place in the Ganesha Chaturthi celebration. Embark on a tempting journey as we unveil 15 types of the finest ladoos (laddus). Brace yourself to be irresistibly drawn to these sweet treats, enticing you to savour their flavours without delay!

Insight into the Popularity and Origin of Ladoos in India Since Ages

Immersing in these round, vibrant, and sugary delights known as ladoos is akin to experiencing eternal love. If India has to choose a national sweet, the delicious ladoo will make it to the top three contenders. Ladoo is still the unofficially declared national sweet of India. As an omnipresent confection, ladoo graces every festival, family gathering, or celebratory moment.

The uniqueness of the ladoo lies in its adaptability and embracing diverse ingredients. Intriguingly, the origins of ladoos differ from their modern status as desserts or sweet treats. Delve deep as we unveil the intriguing story behind this beloved indulgence loved as ladoos.

The inception of ladoos dates back to their incorporation of ingredients with remarkable medicinal properties. Originally they served as remedies for women during pregnancy, aiding postpartum recovery by replenishing vital nutrients. An intriguing facet lies in their historical use for adolescent girls, thought to control surging hormones. Uniquely, numerous early origins of ladoos leaned towards spiciness rather than sweetness. Laden with pure ghee, a mixture of ingredients featuring sesame seeds, jaggery, sonth, and peanuts, was crafted as nourishing treatments, transcending mere dessert or confectionery.

Over time, the food preparations evolved, spawning an array of experimental variations. Innovations spawned ghee-infused sweets variations like besan ladoo, boondi ke ladoo, rava ke ladoo, and nariyal ke ladoo, each rooted in distinct regional influences. While retaining their significance in maternal care, ladoos have metamorphosed into cherished sweets, uniting our collective love for them.

Let’s discover the 15 types of ladoos to celebrate this Ganesh Chaturthi in grandness and sweetness. In Part 1, we will talk about the first seven (7) types of ladoos, which make it to every festival. You can buy Indian sweets from our brand Surya to celebrate festivities or any special occasion with your loved ones. You can also gift pure ghee sweets to loved ones from our online store.

Tale of Different Ladoos Born in India

  1. Besan Ladoo: Golden gram flour, besan, is gently roasted with fragrant ghee in a traditional kadhai, infusing it with rich flavours. The mixture is sweetened with sugar and scented with cardamom. Then the besan mixture is shaped into compact and round confections. Thus, we get the besan ke ladoo.
    Decorated with almonds and pistachios, besan ka ladoo is regarded as an iconic Indian dessert, commonly savoured during celebrations. With proper storage, these treats boast an extended shelf life, offering the joy of relishing them for days. Buy Surya Besan Ladoo online this Ganesha Chaturthi for offering to Lord Ganesha and celebrating with loved ones.
  2. Boondi Ke Ladoo: An iconic Indian delight, often crafted during celebratory occasions like Diwali, is the renowned Boondi ke Ladoo. This exquisite treat entices with its blend of cashews, raisins, saffron, and the delicate essence of cardamom. Comprising small, spherical boondis, it's a universally cherished delight, captivating both young and old alike. Are you feeling tempted? Embark on a culinary adventure and indulge in this delectable experience now! Purchase pure ghee ladoo from our brand Surya’s online store, and celebrate every special occasion.
  3. Ragi Coconut Ladoo: Discover the cherished essence of India with Ragi Coconut Ladoo, a beloved delicacy that boasts nutritional abundance courtesy of its primary component, Ragi. Abundant in protein and minerals, this treat takes shape through a delightful recipe that weaves together the goodness of coconut, the earthy sweetness of jaggery, and the satisfying crunch of peanuts. Savour the wholesomeness and healthfulness of this exquisite ladoo!
  4. Panjiri Ladoo: This variant of ladoo is a blend of wheat flour and semolina, enriched with the wholesomeness of makhana and the nutty allure of almonds and cashews. This delicacy perfectly caters to your sweet tooth's desires. Indulge in the ultimate treat that promises to satiate your cravings with every delectable bite.
  5. Motichoor Ladoo: Motichoor Ladoo is a cherished Indian confection. This ladoo is culinary finesse made from tiny gram flour droplets fried to golden perfection. The golden pearls, mixed with fragrant saffron and cardamom, are turned into round ladoos decorated with nuts.
    Motichoor Ladoo is a delightful blend of textures and flavours, capturing the essence of celebrations and sweet moments. You should always trust brands like Surya for the best pure ghee ladoo and avoid food adulteration.
  6. Rava Ladoo: Savour the goodness of semolina through these delectable ladoos, generously studded with crunchy dry fruits. A household favourite, semolina, known as rava or sooji, often stars in beloved Indian dishes like halwa. This quick and easy ladoo recipe employs semolina as its base, offering a wholesome treat. Opt for this healthier alternative if you seek a guilt-free indulgence, showcasing that not all ladoos contribute to excess calories.
  7. Coconut Ladoo: Embracing festivity and joy with coconut ladoos reign supreme among celebratory sweets. From the luminous fervour of Ganesha Chaturthi to cherished pujas like Diwali and special occasions, nariyal (coconut) ladoos grace every occasion. Crafting these treasures involves a harmonious blend of coconut, khoya, and condensed milk, meticulously shaped into delightful orbs. An added touch of luxury comes with the stuffing of almonds and cashews, making each bite an indulgent celebration of flavours and textures.

Learn about besan ladoo recipe


In the rich tapestry of Indian sweets, ladoos emerge as a diverse and cherished dessert category. From the aromatic Motichoor Ladoo, composed of delicate gram flour pearls, to the wholesome Ragi Coconut Ladoo, offering a blend of nutrition and flavour, each variant carries a unique story and significance.

Amid this delightful assortment, Besan Ladoo holds a special place. Crafted from roasted gram flour and adorned with aromatic cardamom and the richness of ghee, these ladoos embody tradition and indulgence. As the sweet symphony of flavours dances on our taste buds, we find ourselves immersed in a culinary journey that connects the past with the present, celebrating the cultural diversity and the universal love for these delectable treats. Don’t forget to bring home the sweetness and delight of besan ladoo and other Indian sweets this Ganesha Chaturthi.

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