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Discovering the Top 7 Red Chilli Varieties Grown in India

Discovering the Top 7 Red Chilli Varieties Grown in India

Posted by Suryamasale on 29th Mar 2024

India holds the title of both the biggest cultivator and consumer of chillies, a testament to our nation's affection for the fiery spice. For culinary explorers dabbling in diverse Indian flavours, it's imperative to amass an array of dried red chilli types—an essential step in your culinary journey. India produces different red chilli powders from a variety of red chillies.

Surprising as it may be, India commands an astounding 37 per cent of the global chilli market share, cementing its status as the premier chilli producer worldwide. But this isn't the only feather in our cap; India also outpaces Latin American cultures as the planet's foremost chilli consumer. Indians are very prominent in buying spices online and are lovers of red chillies.

Within our borders, the love affair with chillies takes multiple forms: raw indulgence, pickled delights, and the incorporation of dried red chillies and chilli powder. These fiery ingredients are vital in our kitchens. A common sight in Indian households isn't just baskets of fresh green chillies but also stockpiles of dried red ones, poised to impart their magic to curries, stews, pastes, marinades, and mirchi powder. The unique culinary tapestry woven across India is distinct red chilli varieties, each defining regional and culinary identities.

For the intrepid home cook traversing India's rich flavours, amassing an assortment of dry red chilli types becomes a culinary rite of passage. Here's a list unveiling distinctive, flavoursome, and sizzling dry red chillies found throughout India. You can also buy spices online, including these red chilli varieties.

Red Chilli Varieties Grown in Different Parts of India

  1. Dhani Mirchi: Recognized as Dhani Mirchi, the Bird’s Eye Chilli finds its roots and thrives mainly in Manipur and Mizoram. Boasting a Scoville rating of 30,000 to 100,000 SHU, this chilli variety delivers a formidable heat impact. Renowned for its fiery disposition, it transforms curries and stews into blazing sensations. While predominantly crimson, Bird’s Eye chillies showcase variations in vibrant green and striking orange hues, adding a colourful touch to its scorching profile.
  2. Lal Badshah: Famously referred to as the Lal Badshah of Rajasthan, Mathania chillies are the enigmatic force driving the fiery essence of Rajasthani delicacies such as Laal Maas. Flourishing in the vicinity of Jodhpur, these chillies derive their name from the quaint town of Mathania. Beyond their role in curries and gravies, they embark on a journey by soaking in fresh mustard oil, metamorphosing into delightful pickles. With a Scoville rating between 50,000 to 70,000 SHU, Mathania chillies bestow a controlled inferno on dishes. You can easily buy Indian spices online, including varieties of red chilli powders.
  3. Byadagi: Famed as Kaddi Chillies, Byadagi chillies flourish in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Exhibiting a fieriness, they notch 8,000 to 15,000 SHU on the Scoville scale. It resembles paprika as these chillies contribute to Maharashtrian spice concoctions like Goda Masala. Despite their crinkled appearance, Byadagi chillies abstain from excessive pungency offering a more nuanced heat profile. It is available at an online spices store, and you can also get it delivered to your doorstep.
  4. Guntur: Thriving predominantly in Andhra Pradesh's Guntur region, which lends its name, the Guntur red chilli, is virtually synonymous with the fiery offerings of Andhra cuisine. As its renown spreads, this chilli variety now also finds cultivation in Madhya Pradesh. Commanding nearly 30 per cent of India's red chilli exports, Guntur chillies register 30,000 to 40,000 SHU on the Scoville scale, embodying their distinctive potency.
  5. Bhoot Jolokia: Revered as the ghost pepper, the Bhoot or Bhut Jolokia thrives and flavours the culinary landscapes of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, Sikkim, and sections of North Bengal. Earning its title as one of the globe's spiciest peppers, it commands an impressive rating of 1,041,427 SHU on the Scoville scale. For the initiated, Bhoot Jolokia transforms into delectable chutneys, relishes, and the fieriest curries. However, there is a word of caution: approach with care!
  6. Kashmiri: Bearing the distinction of being the gentlest among India's red chilli assortments, the Kashmiri red chillies still command significant attention owing to their captivating crimson hue. While not known for their spiciness, Kashmiri mirch spread across India, with a lustrous red tint to curries. Registering a modest 1,000 to 2,000 SHU on the Scoville scale, these chillies elegantly serve different dishes, from savoury gravies and stews to enticing marinades and tangy pickles. Kashmiri mirch powder is world famous for its qualities like colour, less fieriness, and give balance to cuisine.
  7. Boriya: Recognized as the Boria mirchi, this fiery spherical chilli variant flourishes in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Their vibrant red hue and distinctive round form lend them an adorable appearance when raw. These moderately hot chillies play diverse roles, from enhancing dals and curries to transforming into marinades for fish. Pervasive in Andhra and Tamil cuisines, they exert their flavorful influence. Surprisingly potent for their size, these round chillies boast a Scoville scale score of 800,000 to 1,000,000 SHU, packing a punch that belies their small stature.


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In the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine, the diverse range of red chilli varieties serves as both a fiery backbone and a vibrant palette of flavours. From the intense heat of the Bhut Jolokia to the milder allure of Kashmiri red chillies, each cultivar weaves its distinct character into regional cuisines. These chilli varieties are a testament to India's culinary heritage, infusing dishes with heat, a rainbow of colours and a symphony of tastes. As we explore the world of Indian cooking, these red chillies and red chilli powder beckon us to embark on a journey of flavours that's as exciting as it is varied.

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