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Know about the 6 Different Types of Pani Puri in India

Know about the 6 Different Types of Pani Puri in India

Posted by Suryamasale on 29th Mar 2024

Golgappa, also known as Pani Puri, is a popular Indian street food beloved for its burst of flavours. Its origins are from the Indian subcontinent, particularly the Northern regions like Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.

The concept of Golgappas evolved from the traditional dish known as "phuchka" or "pani ke bataashe," which consisted of hollow, fried puris filled with mashed potatoes, chickpeas, spicy tamarind water, chutney, and various fillings. Over time, the dish underwent regional variations, adopting diverse ingredients based on local tastes and preferences. Each region in India has its unique twist on the recipe, adding to the rich diversity of the country's culinary traditions.

The name "Golgappa" originates from Hindi, where "gol" means round, and "gappa" refers to a small, hollow sphere. This name aptly describes the crispy, round puris with a tangy and spicy concoction. Pani Puri lovers can buy Pani Puri masala from Surya Masale and make their pani puri fillings at home. Enjoy the tangy and tasty pani puri now at home.

Today, Golgappas has become an iconic symbol of Indian street food culture. Pani Puri offers a delightful and refreshing experience with every crunchy bite. They continue to be enjoyed by people around the country and have gained popularity globally as a delicious and distinctive culinary delight.

Origin of Pani Puri

Golgappas, the delightful treats we savour, deserve eternal gratitude to their creator. India boasts two intriguing tales about their origin - one credit Draupadi, the wife of Pandavas, while others link them to the region of Magadh. These mouthwatering delicacies have become an inseparable part of Indian street food culture.

  • Tale from Mahabharata:
    According to the captivating tale, the golgappas were the invention of Draupadi. During the exile of Pandavas', Draupadi faced a test from her mother-in-law, Kunti. Given meagre resources, Draupadi received a small amount of leftover aloo ki sabzi and dough for just one puri.

    Kunti challenged Draupadi to transform these humble ingredients into a meal for all five Pandavas on return. With the geniuses of Draupadi, she crafted small, hollow puris and filled them with the aloo sabzi, miraculously feeding all her five husbands. Kunti was astonished by her daughter-in-law's culinary prowess and bestowed blessings upon this dish, securing its place in immortality. Today, golgappas continue to be adored by millions, a testament to Draupadi's brilliance in the kitchen.
  • Legend from Magadh:
    Ancient India's tales of golgappe's origins have captured widespread attention. The culinary prowess of the Magadhan empire, located in present-day west Bihar, flourished significantly. Historical accounts, including those by Megasthenes, shed light on Magadh's rich food culture.

    However, the identity of the ingenious individual who first crafted this legendary snack remains a mystery, lost in the annals of history. Nevertheless, we continue to relish and thank the anonymous creator for this delightful treat!

You can buy the Pani Puri masala powder and create your Pani Puri recipes to treat your loved ones at home. Read the fascinating tales of Pani Puri, and order Pani Puri masala online from the Surya Masale official website. Let’s know the innovations of Pani Puri in India.

Discover the Pani Puri Variations in IndiaPregnancy is not a prerequisite for experiencing oddly timed cravings for golgappas. These delectable treats can tempt anyone, anytime! The wonder lies in how these tiny, crispy spheres pack an explosion of flavours. Found throughout India under various regional names, golgappas inspire a friendly rivalry among their different versions around the country. The passion for this beloved street food is so intense that it wouldn't be surprising if someone created a short movie showcasing the epic Golgappa war!

1. Golgappa in North India: In the North Indian states like Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, and New Delhi, this beloved Indian snack is called Golgappe or Golgappa. Typically, the puris are made from suji (semolina), though some stalls offer the atta (whole wheat) version.

These crispy delights are generously filled with boiled chickpeas and mashed potatoes and drizzled with a delightful sweet tamarind sauce (saunth chutney). The pièce de résistance is when the golgappas plunge into a vat of spicy and minty water, soaking up the flavours. The first bite, a delightful POP, and you experience gastronomic heaven!

2. Puchkas in West Bengal: In West Bengal, parts of Bihar and Jharkhand, these delectable treats are known as Puchkas or Fuchkas. The puri shell is typically made with atta (whole wheat flour) and generously stuffed with a mix of boiled chickpeas and mashed potatoes. While chickpeas take centre stage, potatoes play a supporting role.

To make the flavours tangy potato-chickpea mix is enhanced with gondhoraj lime juice and zesty tamarind water. Interestingly, in a few areas of Kolkata, some creative puchka vendors even add mashed bananas to the mix, adding a unique twist to this delightful street food. You can savour the king of street food called Puchkas with Pani Puri masala flavours available online at Surya Masale.

3. Pani Puri in Maharashtra: Pani Puri holds a sacred status in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Unlike traditional mashed potatoes and chickpeas filling, the Pani Puri features a delectable mixture made with white peas (matra). Distinctive to these regions, the warm white peas blend perfectly with the tangy and spicy water, offering a unique twist to the beloved golgappa, making it a delightful and cherished street food experience. You can buy Pani Puri masala online from Surya Masale to experience the street food delicacy of Maharashtra and Gujrat at your home.

4. Pani ke Batashe from Uttar Pradesh: In regions of Uttar Pradesh, Pani Puri is Pani ke batashe. Kanpur and Lucknow locals swear by their unparalleled taste, believing the Delhi version doesn't compare.

Pani Ke Batashe filling is boiled white peas and potatoes. This Pani ke batashe plunge into delightful sweet and sour water. Interestingly, in some parts of UP, they take it a step further, offering "Paanch swaad ke batashe" with five different types of water, adding even more variety to this beloved street food.

5. Gup Chup from Orissa and Hyderabad: In Odisha and Hyderabad, Golgappe/Pani Puri goes by the amusing name of Gup Chup. The playful sound they make when they burst into your mouth gives the name Gup Chup. The puris are a mix of whole wheat flour, refined flour, and semolina.

As for the filling, it typically features the classic combination of boiled potatoes, green chillies, and onions, adding a burst of flavours that perfectly complements the delightful Gup Chup experience. The Pani Puri masala price is available at amazing offers and discounts on the Surya Masale official website.

6. Phulki from Madhya Pradesh: In some parts of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, Golgappas are called Phulkis. It is also distinct from phulkas (chapatis). Though the name differs, they remain the same delightful snack.

In other parts of the country, golgappas transform into 'dahi ke batashe' or 'dahi puri,' offering an equally gratifying experience. Filled with curd and chutney, they are adorned with crunchy sev, coriander leaves, and pomegranate, adding a refreshing twist to this beloved street food.

ConclusionThese six (6) are variations of Pani Puri available in different states and regions of India. Golgappe, pani puri, batashe—regardless of the name, these beloved snacks are adored all over the country, and it's hard to find someone who can resist them. From fancy gatherings to upscale food chains, we've relished golgappas in various settings.

Yet, there's an undeniable charm to the ones served by local street vendors, even though many might consider them less hygienic. The authenticity, flavours, and joy of enjoying these humble treats amidst the bustling streets create a unique experience.

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