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Surprising Culinary and Health Benefits of Star Anise

Surprising Culinary and Health Benefits of Star Anise

Posted by Suryamasale on 29th Mar 2024

Illicium verum, known as star anise, boasts various monikers like Chakra Phool, Chakra Phool, and Chakri Phool. Essential for crafting sumptuous Indian pulao, it rightfully claims the fragrance's spotlight. Its influence stretches past India, as authentic Chinese foods lean on star anise's distinct flavour. It is a staple spice in traditional Chinese cuisine that harmonises with the five-spice powder. Beyond its stunning appearance, this condiment harbours intriguing tales waiting to unfold.

The world of nomenclature unfolds intriguingly for star anise spice. In India, it's Anasphal (Hindi), Takkolam (Malayalam), Anas Puvvu (Telugu), Badian (Marathi), and more. China has Ba jiao, while Dutch embraces Steranijs. The global journey continues with Bunga Lawang (Indonesia), Anice Stellato (Italian), Badian (Russian), and Badian (Spanish). Nepalese refer to it as star phul.

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Origin and Agroclimatic Conditions Required for Star Anise Cultivation

Hailing from Southeastern China, star anise emerged as a local delicacy. Its history traces over 3000 years, serving as a spice and a healing agent. Making its way to Europe during the late 1500s, an English sailor introduced it, sparking widespread trade from China through Russia. Renowned for its sweet essence, star anise became a crucial ingredient in jams, syrups, and puddings. Over time, it even supplanted anise seed in various commercial beverages.

Mainly confined to China and Vietnam, star anise finds a small Indian home in the hilly region of Arunachal Pradesh. Numerous attempts worldwide to cultivate it have faltered due to its stringent requirements for specific agroclimatic conditions inherent to its traditional growing zones. Flourishing in forests, sunny edges, and filtered sunlight, it thrives in humus-rich, slightly acidic to neutral soils with good drainage. Impressively, it sustains functionality even in chilling temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius.

Global Culinary Benefits of Star Anise

  • Star anise boasts a unique role in Chinese savoury cuisine, standing out as a prominent flavour. Integral to China's quintessential five-spice powder blend, it enriches both vegetables and meats, doubling as a marinade. Its versatility extends to curries, sweets, liqueurs, and pickles, enhancing their tastes. Chinese cuisine finds purpose in seasoning roasted duck and various dishes.
  • Flavorful teas add star anise to bring a refreshing taste. It also gives a sweet liquorice-like flavour to the world-famous Indian Masala Chai.
  • Star Anise flavour gives a unique taste to the famous Vietnamese soup pho. This soup is considered complete with the addition of star anise.
  • The spice is used in Western culture to infuse liqueurs like absinthe, sambuca and pastis.
    Westerners also used this spice to give a distinct taste to cookies and cakes. Baked fruit, pies, bread and muffins derive aromatic sweetness from star anise.
  • Utilised in culinary creations, star anise essential oil imparts taste to diverse consumables like fizzy drinks, pastries, and alcoholic beverages.
  • Star anise gives a sweet and peppery flavour to the biryani.

Nutritional Insights about Star Anise

Star anise is a nutritional gem, rich in iron, magnesium, calcium, and manganese. It packs vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, and a touch of vitamin E. Notably, its powder and seeds also offer selenium, zinc, and copper.

For centuries, Asians have harnessed star anise to boost energy and alleviate stomach issues. This remarkable spice enhances various dishes, bolstering immunity and fending illnesses with its abundant vitamins and minerals. As you know its nutritional value, buy whole star anise and boost your health.

Health Benefits of Star Anise

1. Brain Health and Power: Brain's vitality diminishes with ageing. Enter star anise, a natural brain health enhancer. Laden with antioxidants, it bolsters blood circulation to the brain's bustling regions. In Chinese medicine, it's a prized brain tonic, enhancing focus. Ayurveda dubs it "ashwagandha," fostering mental clarity, sleep, and nerve defence. With reputed aphrodisiac attributes, star anise offers holistic cognitive support.

2. Anxiety and Depression Killer: Emerging research says star anise's potential in alleviating depression, especially when combined with antidepressants. Astonishingly, some laud it as surpassing these medications. Its rich vitamin B reserves elevate mood and eliminate stress. Vitamin B supplementation notably curbs anxiety and depression indications in susceptible individuals. Embracing star anise tea offers a delectable route to support dietary vitamin B intake, fostering mental well-being.

3. Aid in Digestion: As an essential oil, star anise proves a potent ally against digestive ailments. Its anti-inflammatory attributes bring relief to ulcers and temper acid reflux. The herb's antimicrobial prowess safeguards the gut from infections. By easing the digestive tract, star anise fosters well-being, staving off bloating and the discomfort induced by stomach and intestinal gas accumulation. Experience improved vitality through a soothed digestive system courtesy of star anise.

4. Treat Cold and Flu: Aiding in the battle against colds, flu, and throat discomfort, star anise tea is a potent remedy. Research highlights its bacteria-fighting prowess against throat infections. Beyond its antibacterial might, star anise boasts antioxidants that turbocharge the immune system, expelling toxins and bolstering the body's innate defence mechanisms. Embrace the healing potential of star anise tea to combat illness and enhance your body's natural detoxification pathways.

5. Balance Blood Sugar and Lower Heart Risks: For individuals managing diabetes, star anise tea offers a vital ally in stabilising blood sugar levels and potentially decreasing insulin reliance. Packed with antioxidants, it contributes to heart health by mitigating disease risks. Its flavonoid compounds serve as cholesterol regulators, diminishing overall levels. Specifically, these compounds lower LDL ("bad") cholesterol and elevate HDL ("good") cholesterol. Encouragingly, a study demonstrated a 15% surge in HDL levels among participants supplementing with star anise extract. Embrace the natural benefits of star anise tea for diabetes support and cardiovascular well-being.

6. Eradicate Migraines: Utilise star anise for headache relief—an ancient remedy trusted for soothing migraines by easing muscle tension. Savour it raw or infuse it into tea for added advantages in a natural approach to wellness.

7. Balance Body Weight: Incorporate star anise into your diet for a dual advantage: abundant protein and minimal calories. Its consumption can facilitate weight maintenance or gain, depending on your intake.

8. Aid Breastfeeding Mothers: Star anise is a valuable natural supplement for nursing mothers seeking comfort during breastfeeding. Acknowledging the challenges nursing can pose, star anise emerges as a reliable aid.
This herbal gem alleviates discomfort and pain, offering relief while nursing. Moreover, it protects against breast milk infections like mastitis by curbing inflammation within breast tissue, thus minimising swelling.
Along with nursing benefits, star anise helps liver function, ensuring seamless physiological processes during pregnancy and postpartum. Embrace the soothing qualities of star anise to enhance your breastfeeding journey and overall maternal well-being. Buy star anise online and promote the overall health of breastfeeding mothers.


In culinary realms, star anise's exquisite flavour enriches dishes, transcending borders and cuisines. Its versatile nature lends depth to savoury and sweet creations inviting a symphony of tastes.

Yet, the allure of star anise benefits extends beyond the plate. A treasure trove of health benefits awaits, from fostering brain health, enhancing immunity, and promoting digestion, to offering relief from headaches and aiding nursing mothers. Its holistic approach to well-being reflects centuries of wisdom harnessed in a single spice.

As star anise bridges the realms of culinary delight and profound health advantages, it epitomises the harmonious fusion of taste and wellness, inviting us to savour its intricate balance in the kitchen and the pursuit of a vibrant life.

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