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Try 3 Ragi Recipes to Unlock Ragi: The Super Food

Try 3 Ragi Recipes to Unlock Ragi: The Super Food

Posted by Suryamasale on 28th Mar 2024

Introduction to Ragi Nutrient-Rich Ancient Grain:

Ragi, scientifically known as Eleusine coracana, is a remarkable ancient grain that has been a staple food in India and parts of Africa for centuries. Also referred to as finger millet flour, this grain holds a special place in the world of nutrition due to its diverse uses, impressive nutritional values, intriguing facts, and a rich history steeped in tradition.

Note: Ragi atta is also known as nachni atta.

Know about Various Ragi Uses:

Ragi's versatility in culinary applications makes it a favourite in many households. Ragi flour serves as the base for a wide range of dishes. In India, finger millet is a staple like ragi roti (flatbreads), ragi porridge, and ragi malt. Beyond traditional recipes, ragi has found its way into modern menus, like noodles, dosas, and cookies. The rise in awareness of gluten-free diets has also made ragi flour a valuable alternative to wheat flour.

Insights into Ragi Nutritional Values:

Ragi's exceptional nutritional profile makes it a standout among grains. It is a rich source of dietary fibre, essential amino acids, and minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium. This grain is particularly cherished for its high calcium content, making it a boon for individuals seeking non-dairy sources of this vital mineral. Ragi or nachni powder is also a gluten-free grain, making it suitable for those with gluten sensitivities. Furthermore, it is low in fat and a valuable source of antioxidants, promoting overall health and well-being.

Why Ragi is Called Super Food?

Ever wondered why Ragi is hailed as a superfood? Well, let us break it down for you!

  • First off, let's talk about nutrients. Surya Ragi Atta (flour), crafted from finger millet, is a powerhouse of essential goodies like calcium, iron, and fiber. It's like a nutrient treasure chest!
  • And guess what? It's totally gluten-free. So, for all you folks out there with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease, this is your golden ticket to deliciousness without any worries.
  • Here's a fun fact: Ragi has a low glycemic index, which means it plays nice with your blood sugar levels. Perfect for diabetics or anyone trying to keep their sugar levels in check.
  • But wait, there's more! Ragi is bursting with antioxidants like polyphenols, fighting off those annoying free radicals and keeping you feeling tip top.
  • And let's not forget the protein punch! It's loaded with plant-based protein, helping your muscles recover and your body function at its best.
  • Now, onto digestion. With its high fiber content, Ragi is like a broom for your gut, keeping things moving smoothly and saying goodbye to constipation.
  • Plus, Ragi is a superhero for the environment too! It needs way less water and resources compared to other grains, making it an eco-friendly choice.
  • And the best part? It's incredibly versatile. From crispy rotis to fluffy idlis, you can sneak Ragi into just about any dish, boosting its nutritional value without compromising on taste.

Now, if your taste buds are tingling and you're ready to dive into the world of Ragi, we have gotten six mouthwatering recipes lined up just for you! Let's get cooking!

Brief Look into Ragi History:

Ragi's history dates back to 2000 years to its origins in Africa. It is believed to have been domesticated in Ethiopia and subsequently spread to India, where it became a vital part of the diet, particularly in the southern regions. Throughout history, ragi helped in sustaining populations from food scarcity. Farmers cultivate it for its resilience and nutritional value. Its journey from ancient grain to a modern superfood symbolises the enduring appeal of this remarkable cereal.

Ragi's legacy as an ancient grain with remarkable uses, exceptional nutritional values, intriguing facts, and a rich history continues to influence diets and promote health worldwide. Its ability to adapt to changing dietary preferences makes it a gem in the world of grains, deserving of its reputation as a nutritional powerhouse.

6 Healthy Ragi Recipes

  1. Ragi Roti

Health Benefits of Ragi Roti: Ragi, also known as finger millet, is rich in calcium, fiber, and essential amino acids. It helps in maintaining bone health, controlling diabetes, and improving digestion.


  • Mix 1 cup Surya ragi atta (flour), 1/2 cup wheat flour, salt, and water to form a dough.
  • Divide dough into balls.
  • Roll each ball into a flat circle using a rolling pin.
  • Heat a tawa, cook the roti on both sides until brown spots appear.
  • Serve hot with chutney or curry.
  1. Ragi Dosa

Health Benefits of Ragi Dosa: Ragi dosa is a nutritious breakfast option that provides essential minerals like iron and magnesium, helping in weight management and boosting energy levels.


  • Mix 1 cup Surya ragi atta (flour), 1/2 cup rice flour, 1/4 cup urad dal flour, and water to form a batter.
  • Add salt, let it ferment overnight.
  • Heat a non-stick pan, pour a ladle of batter, and spread thinly.
  • Cook until crisp and golden.
  • Serve with hot sambar made-up of Surya Sambar Masala, and chutney.
  1. Ragi Muffins

Health Benefits of Ragi Muffins: Ragi muffins are a healthy snack rich in antioxidants and fiber, aiding in weight loss and reducing cholesterol levels.


  • Preheat oven to 180°C (350°F).
  • Mix 1 cup Surya ragi atta (flour), 1/2 cup whole wheat flour, 1/2 cup sugar, 1 tsp baking powder.
  • Add 1/2 cup milk, 1/4 cup oil, 1 tsp vanilla extract, and 1 mashed banana.
  • Pour batter into muffin molds.
  • Bake for 20-25 minutes.
  • Cool before serving.
  1. Ragi Cake

Health Benefits of Ragi Cake: Ragi cake is a healthier alternative to regular cakes, packed with calcium, iron, and dietary fiber, which help in maintaining strong bones and good digestive health.


  • Preheat oven to 180°C (350°F).
  • Combine 1 cup Surya ragi atta (flour), 1/2 cup whole wheat flour, 1/2 cup cocoa powder, 1 tsp baking soda.
  • Mix 1 cup yogurt, 1/2 cup oil, 1 cup sugar, 1 tsp vanilla extract.
  • Blend wet and dry ingredients.
  • Pour into a greased cake tin.
  • Bake for 30-35 minutes.
  • Cool before slicing.
  1. Ragi Dhokla

Health Benefits of Ragi Dhokla: Ragi dhokla is a steamed snack high in protein, calcium, and fiber, promoting satiety and supporting bone health.


  • Mix 1 cup Surya ragi atta (flour), 1/2 cup yogurt, 1/4 cup semolina, 1 tsp Eno fruit salt.
  • Add salt, ginger paste, green chili pastes, and water to form a batter.
  • Pour batter into a greased steamer tray.
  • Steam for 15-20 minutes.
  • Cool, cut into pieces, and temper with mustard seeds and curry leaves.
  1. Ragi Idli

Health Benefits of Ragi Idli: Ragi idli is a wholesome breakfast rich in fiber and essential minerals, aiding in digestion and providing sustained energy.


  • Take 1 cup Surya ragi atta (flour), 1/2 cup idli rice, 1/4 cup urad dal, and fenugreek seeds.
  • Soak rice and dal separately for 4-6 hours. Grind them with fenugreek seeds, and mix ragi atta; make a smooth batter, and let it ferment overnight.
  • Add salt to the batter.
  • Pour into idli molds.
  • Steam for 10-15 minutes.
  • Serve with hot sambar made-up of Surya Sambar Masala, and chutney.


Ragi always stands as an extraordinary grain with a history deeply rooted in tradition and a future that continues to evolve. Its versatility in the kitchen, impressive nutritional values, and intriguing health benefits make it a grain of choice for those seeking wholesome alternatives. From its role in sustaining populations during times of scarcity to its modern reputation as a superfood, ragi has proven its resilience and adaptability.

Whether enjoyed as ragi roti, porridge, or soup, ragi is a nutrient-rich grain and contributes to culinary delight and overall well-being. As the world rediscovers the virtues of this ancient grain, ragi rightfully takes its place as a staple in the diets of health-conscious individuals, offering a taste of tradition with a promise of a healthier tomorrow.

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