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Mango Pickle 500g + Tomato Pickle 500g

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Surya Masale

1,000 Grams
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You can savour this pair of extremely tasty mango pickle and tomato pickle packs right now. The best possible choice of ingredients and spices have been used to fine-flavour them. Immerse yourself in the dense flavours of our tangy, zestful mango pickle, it is best for other meals too. The sweet, sour, and spicy Tomato Pickle will enrich and diversify the taste of any dish you want to add it to, there is no such thing as a missed dose with it. Both are embedded with traditional Indian spices to guarantee a superb flavour. Surya Masale prides itself on delivering quality and flavour in every jar, ensuring that our pickles bring a burst of taste to your dining table.

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