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Surya Masale

₹50.00 - ₹200.00
200 Grams
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* SURYA' Lime Pickle is prepared from ripened Lime.

* The Lime Pickle is made in the right mix of Spices & Seasoning.

* In South India people relish having Rice mixing it with Lime Pickle.

* Free delivery on orders above Rs.999.

* Get delivery within 4-6 days max.

* Easy and 100% replacement available.

Imagine you add some zesty, sour taste into your food with only one spoonful of it. That is what Surya Lime Pickle does best for your meal. This fantastic seasoning comprises ripe limes under the sun along with various Indian spices that makes it something out of this world when mixed up in your regular meal making it unique from the rest. If you love authentic Indian meals or interested in tasting new stuff, then you can go for Surya Lime Pickle.

Understanding Surya Lime Pickle

Surya Lime Pickle is more than simply a sauce. It is an opportunity to get the genuine taste of India at your home. It is created with selected limes that are handpicked to ensure they are in harmony with themselves. This pickle is about giving you that right mix between sharpness and hot‐ness. Get a jar of it for those times when everything seems bland, and you’ll never regret it!

Versatile Uses

Surya Lime Pickle is incredibly versatile and can be used in many ways, including:

  • As a Side Dish: You are free to pair this with your best curries, rice, or breads as a side dish for an immediate enhancement of flavors.
  • In wraps: Spread it in your wraps for a tangy kick.
  • As a Marinade: Surely you can use the same to marinate meats as well as vegetables and reach a whole new level of taste as it adds high taste content in them.
  • In Dips and Chutneys: You can make yummy dips and chutneys by mixing it with yogurt.
  • As a Topping: Spread or add it as a topping for burgers, tacos, and more.

Why Choose Surya Lime Pickle?

  • Authentic Taste: Get fascinated with this original Indian lime pickle flavor that is a hallmark of traditional Indian cuisine.
  • High-Quality Ingredients: Use this Surya Lime Pickle made up of high-quality ingredients to add more flavor & spice into your life!
  • Moderately new concept: Obtain an uncommon worth with a decent price for lime pickle.
  • Affordable Lime Pickle Price: Great deal, as it is reasonably priced for those looking for one.
  • Easily Adaptable and Adjustable: It can easily be mixed with different types of lime pickle recipes.
  • Typically, South Indian: The zestful and rich taste of South Indian style lime pickle.
  • Respected Brand: The dedication of Surya Masale is solely to quality and good food.

Surya Lime Pickle addition of a tart flavor that is tangy and spicy to any meal is perfect. Whether it is a traditional recipe for an Indian meal or spicing up the normal dishes, this kind of pickle could add taste in the kitchen. Why not try it out and have fun with your taste buds.

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