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₹64.00 - ₹1,280.00
50 Grams
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Unleash the Bold and Captivating Flavour of Surya Black Pepper: Elevate Your Culinary Creations

Experience the bold and captivating flavour of Surya Black Pepper, a premium spice from the esteemed brand Surya Masale. Handpicked from the finest pepper plants, these carefully selected black peppercorns possess an exquisite aroma and a fiery kick that adds depth to your culinary creations. Surya Masale's unwavering commitment to quality ensures that each peppercorn delivers a burst of intense flavour that tantalises your taste buds. With its versatile nature, Surya Black Pepper is perfect for enhancing both savoury and sweet dishes, from hearty soups and stews to delectable marinades and indulgent desserts. Elevate your cooking to new heights with the distinctive taste and superior quality that Surya Masale brings to your table. Immerse yourself in the world of flavours and savour the essence of culinary excellence with Surya Black Pepper.

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