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₹98.00 - ₹3,920.00
25 Grams
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Unveiling the Vibrant Essence of Surya Green Cardamom: Elevate Your Culinary Creations

Discover the vibrant essence of Green Cardamom, a prized spice from the distinguished Surya Masale brand. Handpicked with utmost precision, these premium cardamom pods offer an unparalleled burst of aromatic splendour to your culinary creations. Sourced from the finest cardamom plants, each pod carries a symphony of flavours, combining notes of citrus, mint, and a subtle hint of sweetness. Surya Masale's unwavering commitment to quality ensures that every pod is carefully selected, preserving its freshness and capturing the essence of this beloved spice. With its versatile nature, Surya Green Cardamom is perfect for enhancing both savoury and sweet dishes, be it fragrant biryanis, rich curries, flavourful desserts, or refreshing teas. Elevate your culinary journey and embrace the authentic flavours that only Surya Masale can deliver. Immerse yourself in a world of culinary excellence with Surya Green Cardamom, where every pod tells a tale of quality, flavour, and sheer delight.

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