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15 Grams
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Step into the world of culinary elegance with Surya Masale's Lemongrass category, where the zesty essence of lemongrass is celebrated in all its glory. Our premium lemongrass is meticulously sourced and masterfully processed, allowing you to infuse your dishes with the exquisite flavours of lemongrass, all at remarkably competitive prices. 

Why Surya Masale's Lemongrass Is a Must-Have?

  • Uncompromised Quality: Quality is the bedrock of our brand, and our Lemongrass exemplifies this commitment. We select the finest lemongrass, prized for its fresh and citrusy aroma, and process it with utmost care to preserve its natural essence. The result is lemongrass that radiates authenticity and purity. 
  • Citrus Symphony: The bright and zesty aroma of Surya Masale's Lemongrass is a culinary symphony in itself. Whether you're preparing Thai, Southeast Asian, or fusion cuisine, this fragrance is the secret ingredient that adds a touch of exotic elegance to your dishes. 
  • Versatile Flavour: Our lemongrass is celebrated for its versatility. Whether you're creating a fragrant lemongrass-infused curry, a refreshing herbal tea, or experimenting with desserts, Surya Masale's Lemongrass seamlessly elevates your culinary masterpieces. Its vibrant flavour and visual appeal make it an indispensable treasure in your spice collection. 
  • Wellness in Every Strand: Beyond its culinary charm, lemongrass offers potential health benefits. It's known for its soothing and digestive properties, and it's often used for its calming effects. By incorporating Surya Masale's Lemongrass into your recipes, you're not just enhancing flavour; you're embracing a touch of well-being.

Unleash your culinary artistry with Surya Masale's Lemongrass. With competitive prices, now is the perfect moment to add the zesty elegance of this herb to your culinary repertoire. Elevate your cooking and savour the bright, citrusy notes of lemongrass in every dish you create, turning every meal into a masterpiece. Shop Now!

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