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90 Grams
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* SURYA' Peanut Chikki is prepared from the best quality Peanuts & Jaggery.
* The Peanuts are roasted uniformly in rotary ovens to make it crunchy.
* The Peanut & Jaggery is mixed in traditional way to give delicious & mouthfull taste.
* It is a good source of instant energy & can be approprietly called as Indian Energy Bar.
* It is a healthy option to be consumed after meals to fulfill the urge of sweets.
* Peanut Chikki has low Glycemic Index & so can be consumed by diabetic person on doctors advice.
* SURYA' also manufactures Crushed Peanut Chikki, Peanut Sesame Chikki, & Sesame Chikki.
* Free delivery on orders above Rs.999.
* Get delivery within 4-6 days max.
* Easy and 100% replacement available.
* Check COD Availability.

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Indulge in the delightful fusion of flavors with our Peanut Jaggery Chikki. Made from premium quality roasted peanuts and sweet jaggery, this Nutritious Chikki is a wholesome and satisfying treat. Reminiscent of the traditional kadalai mittai and gud patti, each bite offers a perfect balance of nuttiness and sweetness. Savor the goodness of shengdana chikki in a convenient and delicious form. Packed with essential nutrients, our Peanut Jaggery Chikki is a delightful and guilt-free snack for any time of the day. Experience the authentic taste of India in every bite with this handcrafted and flavorful chikki.

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