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₹178.00 - ₹258.00
145 Grams
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Surya Masale presents a dynamic duo of flavours to elevate your pizza experience – Pizza Oregano and Peri-Peri. Our expertly crafted blend of premium spices is designed to transform your pizza into a symphony of tastes, providing the perfect balance of herbaceous notes and a spicy kick.

The Pizza Oregano, with its aromatic blend of oregano, basil, and other herbs, adds a classic Italian touch to your pizza. Sprinkle it generously to enhance the savoury profile, creating a harmonious marriage of flavours that complements both traditional and creative pizza toppings.

Complementing the oregano is our Peri-Peri blend, a fiery mix of chilli peppers, garlic, and secret spices. Infuse your pizza with a bold and spicy twist that awakens your taste buds, making each bite a tantalising experience. The Peri-Peri blend is the perfect choice for those who crave a bit of heat in their pizza.

At Surya Masale, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality at competitive prices. Our Pizza Oregano and Peri-Peri combo is a testament to this commitment, ensuring that you can enjoy the perfect pizza seasoning without compromising on affordability. Packaged thoughtfully to preserve freshness, these blends are ready to become your go-to choice for pizza perfection.

Experience the culinary magic that happens when these premium blends meet your favourite pizza, turning every slice into a flavourful adventure. Let the rich aroma and balanced flavours redefine your pizza experience, where quality meets affordability in every sprinkle.

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