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65 Grams
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Elevate your salad game with Surya Masale's Salad Seasoning – a meticulously crafted blend that turns ordinary greens into a symphony of flavours. Unleash a burst of freshness and vibrancy with our premium seasoning, designed to make your salads a culinary delight.

Our Salad Seasoning is a harmonious fusion of herbs and spices, including parsley, thyme, garlic, and more, carefully selected to complement the crispness of your greens. Sprinkle this seasoning over your salads to add a zesty kick, transforming every bite into a refreshing experience that tantalises the taste buds.

At Surya Masale, we prioritise quality at competitive prices. Our Salad Seasoning is a testament to this commitment, ensuring that you can enjoy the perfect balance of flavours without straining your budget. Thoughtfully packaged to preserve its freshness, this seasoning is ready to become your go-to choice for creating salads that are not just nourishing but also bursting with delightful taste.

Experience the joy of creating restaurant-quality salads at home with Surya Masale's Salad Seasoning. Let the vibrant blend of herbs and spices elevate your salads to a whole new level, making them a feast for the senses. Redefine your salad experience with our premium seasoning, where freshness meets flavour in every sprinkle.

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