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Discover 8 Culinary Uses of Cardamom in Daily Life

Discover 8 Culinary Uses of Cardamom in Daily Life

Posted by Suryamasale on 29th Mar 2024

Elaichi, more commonly known as cardamom, is a spice that effortlessly transforms ordinary dishes into culinary delights, enveloping them in a tantalising aroma and rich flavour. Its vivid green pods, dotted with black pearls, enhance the essence of every imaginable dish or dessert. Yet, beyond its culinary prowess, cardamom boasts different health benefits. Notably, high-quality cardamom pods are a potent remedy for respiratory ailments, courtesy of cineol, a volatile oil that effectively clears chest congestion. Additionally, its diuretic and digestive stimulant properties contribute to overall well-being. Incorporating fresh green spice into your daily diet isn't just a culinary choice but a wise health decision, allowing you to relish its multifaceted advantages and aromatic wonders with every meal.

Explore the Facts about Cardamom:

  • Cardamom, a spice of unparalleled exotic appeal, stands alongside saffron and vanilla in the world of flavours. Cardamom belongs to the botanical family of ginger and turmeric. Cardamom boasts a rich history, cultivated for over 4,000 years. It is one of the oldest spices in the world. The love for the fragrance of cardamom in ancient civilisations like Rome, Egypt, and Greece was unparalleled. It is a testament to its enduring global appeal and timeless significance.
  • Top-rated cardamom spice, one of the world's most coveted spices, holds the prestigious title of the 'queen of spices.' Its popularity and value, ranking it as the third most expensive spice globally, have cemented this moniker. Even in contemporary times, the term 'queen of spices' is commonly used, underscoring cardamom's enduring significance in the culinary world.
  • The best green cardamom brand possesses natural compounds that exhibit antibacterial properties, potentially combating certain bacteria. Additionally, it aids in reducing inflammation and supports the immune system. This trifecta of benefits showcases cardamom's multifaceted role in promoting health and well-being, making it a flavorful spice addition to your diet for its medicinal properties.
  • Elettaria cardamomum, or simply cardamom, is a spicy and fragrant herbaceous plant from the ginger family. Thriving in tropical regions of India, Burma, and Sri Lanka, this evergreen perennial is renowned for its aroma and distinctive flavour. Its native roots in these lush, tropical lands have contributed to its widespread use in culinary traditions.
  • Nepal is the globe's primary source of large cardamom, while in India, Kerala is the largest producer of this aromatic spice.

How can you add cardamom to your everyday life?

Elevate your dishes with cardamom's charm by experimenting with eight (8) ways of using cardamom through creative culinary methods.

  1. Tea Enhancer: Elevate your tea ritual by infusing cardamom's aromatic essence. From milk masala tea to green and black varieties, this spice adds flavour with a revitalising touch. Add a few pods into your brew and relish its refreshing taste. It is a must-try for tea lovers seeking a delightful, fragrant sip anytime, anywhere. Order green cardamom today to make your tea time fragrant and re-energising.
  2. Add Fragrance to Desserts: In Indian desserts like phirni, malpua, and gulab jamun, a subtle cardamom essence imparts a distinctive flavour. Embrace this aromatic addition; it enhances the taste and lessens the guilt. Indulge in these sweet delights guilt-free, savouring the exquisite touch of cardamom in every bite.
  3. Soak Aroma to Savoury Dishes: Infuse your savoury creations, from zafrani pulao and biryani to chicken and mutton curries, with the enticing essence of cardamom. Beyond its delightful flavour, cardamom imparts health benefits, making your dishes delicious and nourishing. Elevate your culinary experience by adding this aromatic spice, enhancing taste and well-being in every bite. To make your culinary creations smell sweet, purchase cardamom pods and keep them handy.
  4. Quality Mouth freshener: Experience the delightful taste of cardamom in its natural form, a mouthwatering treat and an effective breath freshener. The aromatic, sweet essence of cardamom naturally revitalises your breath. For a convenient and healthy option, keep cardamom pods nearby. To amplify the flavour, consider adding a few fennel seed pods. Enjoy the dual benefits of taste and freshness, always within reach wherever you are. Shop for green cardamom and give yourself a fresh breath.
  5. Sprinkler: Elevate your fruit salad with a zesty twist using freshly ground cardamom. As suggested, grinding cardamom into a fine powder and sprinkling it over your salad imparts a delightful acidic kick. Experience a unique flavour that enhances your culinary creations, adding a touch of aromatic sophistication to your everyday salads.
  6. Beverages Enhancer: Infuse a touch of indulgence into your beverages with cardamom's magic. Elevate the richness of thandai, almond milk, or even mulled wine by adding a hint of cardamom powder. Craft your drinks to the aromatic appeal of cardamom in every sip. Cheers to your customised, flavor-enhanced delights!
  7. Star Ingredient of Garam Masala: Transform your culinary experience by incorporating ground cardamom into a blend of various spices to create garam masala. This way, you can relish the delightful flavours and reap all the benefits of cardamom without the overpowering taste in your mouth. Enjoy your dishes with the perfect balance of spices.
  8. Baking Finisher: Bake a delightful crunch with cardamom biscuits. It gives a toasty aroma in the oven. Simple to whip up and utterly satisfying, these biscuits are a must-try. Elevate your baked dishes with their aromatic charm for an added layer of flavour and a delightful, homemade touch.


Cardamom, a culinary gem, weaves a tapestry of rich history, fascinating facts, and versatile uses. Today, it adorns global cuisines, appreciated for its enticing flavour and numerous health benefits. As the third most expensive spice globally, it boasts antibacterial properties and immune-boosting potential. Its aromatic allure infuses dishes, from desserts like gulab jamun to savoury delights like biryani. Cardamom's warm, citrusy notes not only tantalise taste buds but also serve as a testament to its enduring legacy, enhancing culinary creations and well-being with its timeless charm.

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